Sunday, November 2, 2008

Volunteer Diving

Yesterday Lee and I visited the South Carolina Aquarium in downtown Charleston. In addition to enjoying all the sites and scenes of the aquarium, we checked out the volunteer program. We learned that the next volunteer training class is Jan. 31. After we complete the initial class and pass some tests, we'll be able to be volunteer divers. Duties include preparing food for dives; helping to feed the animals and maintain exhibit tanks; helping maintain backup areas and equipment; interacting with visitors to educate them about the animals and their ecosystems; and general help as needed.

When I saw the volunteer divers in the tank feeding the fish and answering questions of guests through a full-face dive communication mask, I literally became enraptured by the possibilities. What a great opportunity for me to combine my love of teaching, diving and writing. I'm certain there will be many stories I can write about from my time as a volunteer diver at the aquarium. I can't wait!